Recent Work

Medical Industry

Product Development

Provide technical oversight of outsourced product development

Mergers and Acquisitions

Perform due-diligence assessment of product development team and product market readiness

Packaging and Inspection

Design, manufacture and programming of medical screw inspection system

  • System design capable of identifying 374 unique part #s
  • Product handling
  • Machine vision design for Cognex 5403

Consumer Products

Thin film Battery Production

Provide controls programming for a thin film battery production machine. Industrial controller software for welding of battery leads to thin film battery cells.

  • Industrial controller software
LASER Cutting of Thin Films

Integrate LASER cutting system with single axis platform

  • Installation and integration of motion control and LASER control system
  • Motion and logic software for Bosch-Rexroth Indramotion MLD

Composites Industry

Automated Sanding Machine

Upgrade to pole sanding machine to enable multiple passes and bi-directional sanding

  • Industrial control system design and retro-fit
  • Logic software for Allen-Bradley SLC 5/03
  • HMI software for Allen-Bradley Panelview C300

Design, manufacture, programming and installation of VFD based roto-molding control systems.

  • Industrial control system design and installation
  • Controller software for Bosch-Rexroth L20
  • HMI software for Bosch-Rexroth VCP-20

Beverage Industry

High Volume Container Manufacturing

Controls and product development consultant services for a 70 axis container manufacturing machine.

  • Servo control system tuning, commissioning optimization
  • Motion software, logic software and electronic cam design for Bosch-Rexroth PPC-R22.1
  • HMI software development for Bosch-Rexroth VEP-40


Data Glyph Imaging System

Developed machine vision imaging hardware and label printing specifications for a complete system solution which embeds data in graphic images.

  • Machine vision design
  • Label configuration design
Electro surgery Blade Manufacturing Inspection System

Custom vision system integration into overmolding process to detect and sort parts with manufacturing flaws

PCB design and firmware development

Circuit design, PCB layout and firmware development for PIC microcontroller based PCBA

  • PCB design and layout with P-CAD 2002
  • Firmware development for Pic Microcontroller
Handheld tactile metal dome dispenser

Product concept and development


Autoclave Control System

Design and program industrial control system for 30' Autoclave using National Instruments hardware and LabView software.

Vacuum Pump Control System

Custom control system for an industrial vacuum pump system control system to increase life of pump pistons

Consumer Products

Product Development of networking appliance

Product packaging design, PCB design, and pilot production

Product packaging solution

Develop and design of product packaging solution to handle multiple sizes of small tactile metal dome switches

Product handling and packaging equipment

High volume product packaging solution packages product into manageable packaging solution

Machine vision metrology solution

Design of measurement tool to eliminate inconsistent manual light table / optical comparison process

Semi-Automated Manufacturing

Design and manufacture snap dome switch placement tools

Automated Reel to Reel manufacturing equipment

Design and manufacture of high volume, high accuracy placement system which placed metal snap domes on adhesive backed mylar.

  • LASER cutting
  • Web converting
Automated Placement robotics and Inspection Tool

Design and manufacture of medium volume, high accuracy placement system

  • Machine design
  • Machine vision inspection
DC motor coordinated motion actuator

PCB Design and programming of multiple PID loop position controllers to synchronize the motion of a two axis Hard Drive manufacturing tool

  • PCB Design
  • Windows software development